Rules of Learning Activities

Teaching Staff

  1. The classes should be conducted on time in accordance with the schedule, 14 weeks of the semester (not including exams).
  2. On the first day, the lecturer informs:
    • Syllabus
    • Textbooks used
    • The scoring system used
    • Quiz information
    • The percentage of evaluation
  3. The presence of face to face lecturing at least 12 times (not including mid-test and final test). If the presence is less than 12 times, the lecturer must make up the classes.
  4. If the teacher is absent, so that his presence is not in accordance with the schedule of lectures, the lecturer is obliged to:
    • inform his/her absence to the academic office as well as to students, at least before the lecture begins.
    • replace the lecture on other occasions in agreement with the student.
  5. Students must keep in the classroom within a maximum of 30 minutes. Having been 30 minutes but the lecturer does not come yet without notice, the student representative must report to the academic office to find a replacement for the lecturers. When there is certainty that there is no substitute lecturer, students may leave the classroom.


  1. During the class, the student must be well-dressed (for women and men to wear collared shirts or T-shirts).
  2. Wearing shoes (no sandals or slippers) .
  3. Not activating the cell phone.
  4. Not smoking in the classroom and campus area.
  5. Do not be late more than 30 minutes, more than 30 minutes are not allowed to attend classes, except for certain reasons permitted by the lecturer or in accordance with the conditions set by the lecturer at the beginning of the semester.
  6. Do not bring food and drinks in the classroom.
  7. Students eligible for the course are listed in the list of attendees.
  8. For students who are not on the attendance list should contact the Academic office. Not allowed to put his/her name on the attendance list by hand-writing.
  9. Before the class, student must read the materials informed in the syllabus and complete the existing individual/group assignment.
  10. During the course, students are required to attend the lectures on time and participate actively, do not leave the classroom before the lecture ended.
  11. For students whose attendance is less than 80 %, are not allowed to participate in the final exam. Attendance will be recapitulated every day by the Academic office.
  12. Hospital letter should be submitted to the lecturer, and his/her attendance status is entirely determined the lecturer.
  13. Other things that have not been provided for in this Regulation will be set later.