Academic Warning

Academic warning is given to:

  1. Students at the end of the 1st or 2nd semester (for students in the morning class MM ) obtain a GPA below 3.00.
  2. Students at the end of the 1st or 2nd semester obtain grade D or E for a course;
  3. Students at the end of the 4th semester have not done the Session of Research Proposal;
  4. Students at the end of the 7th semester have not taken the final thesis examination .
  5. students who do not do registration/re-registration, etc. for one semester without permission of the rector.

Termination of Study

Study termination is sanctioned to students who :

  1. obtain GPA below 2.75 at the end of the 3rd semester
  2. obtain under grade C at the end of the semester 3
  3. At the end of the semester 5, Session of Research Proposal have not been done or the student does not pass the Research Proposal Session for second time
  4. Cannot complete the study by the end of the semester 8
  5. do not register for two consecutive semesters, do not follow the teaching and learning activities, do not fill the study plan, or resign from teaching and learning activities.
  6. resigned, passed away, doing the things that is defamatory to the almamater (University of Padjadjaran) or violated scientific ethics (e.g. plagiarism)

Academic sanctions

  1. academic sanctions are given to students who do act improperly in the process of teaching and learning, both academic and non academic, break the law (e.g. criminal) or commit immoral acts.
  2. Severity of the academic sanctions is determined (based on applicable laws and regulations) by the Board consisting of:
    1. Commision 1 Faculty Senate
    2. Head of Supervisor Team
    3. Chairperson of the Master Program
    4. Dean and / or the Rector of the University of Padjadjaran.