It all began with an interest in the organization of management. With a background in engineering, I finally decided to get into MM Unpad University. It turned out that after a lecture and interact with the professors, I feel that the world is very interesting and full management challenges. More importantly, we can open more insights and knowledge as a preparation for our career.

Since leaving MM Unpad in 2005, it did not take me a long time until I was given a great responsibility to manage the Program of Management Studies at a public university in Jakarta. The knowledge that I gained at MM Unpad really helped me to work and develop the organization.

Thanks to all management knowledge I learned at MM Unpad, the organization that I lead today has managed to get the award The Best Indonesia ‘s School of Management in 2013 for the group of accreditation programs B. This is what also makes me proud to be alumni of MM Unpad, and I hope MM Unpad can continue to contribute to the nation and state of Indonesia. Thanks MM Padjadjaran University.


Agung Wahyu Handaru

Marketing Management

Program Magister Manajemen, Class 2002

I am one of the alumni of the Master of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business at Padjadjaran University, graduated in 2006. When I joined the business group that became the blue chip asset in this beloved country. I played a leadership role in the process of creating organization and management development.

Certainly, it was not easy going through various dynamic thing when I served as a Director in a reputable Private Business Group that is recognized for its strategic competence. The group employ 40,000 employees, which is a significant amount of influence on economic activity in this country. Toward that number of employees that I supervise, I lead a Directorate of Learning Centre, in which my task is to bring the employees into reliable, competent, and committed working forces which strive to achieve performance with ethical behavior in every action.

However, with the provision that I have learned and tested theoretically and empirically during my study in the Master of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University, I became sure that I would become capable and proven successful over several years to contribute to the company, not only to produce benefits for all business stakeholders, but also for this whole beloved nation.

In addition, I was appointed by the Indonesian Minister of Labor and Transmigration as a member of DPKN (Council of National Vocational Training ), and was also appointed to the national board of APINDO in Jakarta .

I express my gratitude to the academic community at the Master of Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University, especially the lecturers and professors who have devoted their energies and knowledge which made me more knowledgeable and ready to provide benefits to the wider community.

Ir. Urip Sedyowidodo, MM.

Entrepreneurship Management

Program Magister Manajemen, Class 2003

As one alumnus of MM Unpad, how proud I am to be one of the many students who gain knowledge related to business management and applied science from the lecturers who are competent in their fields both theoretically and practically .

After graduating from Padjadjaran MM Business Science and Applied Management, I consistently applied the knowledge in my two companies. The results are amazing, within two (2) years after graduating from MM Unpad, the progress of Miski Aghnia Corporation had grown very rapidly. The employee performance was greatly improved ; net sales turnover was increased by 36 % from 2012 to 2013 ; net income increased by 35 % from 2012 to 2013 , and the number of total customers increased by 50 % from 2012 to 2013.

The development of this company was one result after the implementation of Business Science and Applied Management, as well as the concepts that are applied in accordance with the theory, such as the concept of “Competitive Advantage Value , Superior Customer Value, Superior Business Performance, Customer Focus, etc ” .

After becoming an alumnus of Padjadjaran University, the alma mater remains loyal to communicate and give direction to the progress of my businesses. They often invite fellow alumni and practitioners for the progress of my business and almamater.

Utang Jujur, SH., MM.

Marketing Management

Program Magister Manajemen, Class 2010

I am very proud to be a graduate of MM Unpad. MM Unpad University is one of the courses that can provide relevant knowledge to the professional world of work at that time. Up to now, the knowledge I learned has provided a strong foundation in my career development.


Program Magister Manajemen, Class 1994

I am alumni of MM Unpad in the focus study MM Financial Management. I graduated at the end of 2004. I am proud to be alumni of Padjadjaran because MM Unpad graduates are highly acclaimed and recognized by various government and private institutions in Indonesia . This was proven when I signed up for employment in various government and private institutions. I received a lot of calls for written test and job interview. Thank God I passed the 2005 test administration for CPNS in Riau for the level of Penata Muda Tk.I (Rank IIIb ) and placed in the section on Budget Planning and Financial Wealth Management Unit .

Knowledge that I have gained during the lesson in MM Unpad helps me in carrying out my daily tasks. Thus, I am more trusted by my employers to work on other tasks.

Shortly after being appointed a civil servant , I was promoted to be the echelon 4 at the Regional Reception at the Board of Finance and Wealth Management Regional Riau Islands Province . Armed with a diploma MM that I have, I was given the opportunity by the regional government of Riau Islands province to continue their education to a higher level . Currently I ‘m taking Doctoral Program (S3) in Economics , Concentration in Business Management at Padjadjaran University .

I aspire to serve and provide the knowledge that I gathered at Padjadjaran University to develop my beloved province of Riau Islands…
Thank you , MM Unpad …

Yudi Hertawan

Finance Management

Program Magister Manajemen, Class 2002