Mission Statement


“Become a leading and quality international business and management school to produce reliable and professional managers and entrepreneurs in 2026.”


  1. Organizing education in the Master of Management Study Program with a curriculum that forms graduates of professional managers and entrepreneurs who are creative, innovative and visionary.
  2. Develop research in the field of management and business science based on business and non-business organizational approaches that are beneficial to the development of management and business sciences in people’s lives.
  3. Carry out community service by applying management and business knowledge according to user needs.
  4. Organizing good governance organization of international standard management master program (ABEST21 and AACSB).
  5. Establish strategic cooperation relationships with stakeholders (other educational institutions, users of the graduates, government, and the general public) creatively and innovatively.

Learning Objective

In line with the Vision and Mission, the objectives of the MM FEB Unpad Study Program are as follows:

  1. The implementation of a management and business learning system in accordance with the needs of the higher education curriculum (KPT) in the form of creative, innovative and visionary graduates of professional managers and entrepreneurs.
  2. Produce graduates who excel in management and business with a distinctive ability to implement, consult and serve the community in the field of business functions.
  3. Produce research road maps and students in the fields of management and business with faculty and university research road maps.
  4. Produce and enhance community service activities in the fields of management and business through collaboration with various stakeholders that can be used practically by the community.
  5. Producing publications in the field of management and business based on research and can be applied to the user community.
  6. Increased facilities and infrastructure supporting higher education at the international standard master level.
  7. The implementation of an international standard quality assurance system in an effort to maintain and improve the quality of higher education at the master degree.