Methods and Process of Education


With the implementation of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), teaching methods used in the Faculty of Economics has now directed towards Student centered-Learning (SCL). SCL learning methods that have been applied in economics include:

  • Small Group Discussion
  • Games and Simulation (Role-Play & Simulation)
  • Case studies
  • Contextual Instruction

Small Discussion. The discussion is conducted by directing students to form the student discussion groups, each consists of approximately 5-10 members to discuss the material provided by the lecturer or the material obtained by the members of the group. Discussion activities are carried out in order to: generate ideas, conclude an important point, assess the level of skill and knowledge, review the previous lecture topics, solve problems, review training/quiz/assignment, brainstorming, etc. As part of a small discussion, students can also present their group discussion topics.

Games and Simulation. Simulation is a model which brings a situation identical to the reality into the classroom. Although this method is widely used for instrumentation application courses as well as in the Faculty of Mathematic and Natural Science, but some discussions of the specific courses in the Faculty of Economics, the simulation is allowed for a simpler context. The purpose of the simulation is to deepen students’ knowledge and create a mood variation in learning activities.

Case Study. Case studies are conducted by directing students to analyze a specific economic event or occurrence which is or has been going on in recent times. Case study purpose is to sharpen the students’ understanding and their power of thought and analysis.

Contextual Instruction. Contextual Instruction is the courses that help teachers relate the course content to real situations in everyday life and help students to make the connection between knowledge and its application in daily life as a member of society, professional work agent, manager, entrepreneur, and investor.
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