General Guidelines for Writing Thesis

  1. Students will meet the criteria for final preparation of a Scientific Paper/Thesis after following courses for 27 total credits as a minimum credit for Regular and Non-Regular classes, with a minimum GPA of 3.00.
  2. Thesis preparation period is in line with the period of the course as the last semester begins, i.e. 1 semester after the notice from the MM Program issued. Students are given the opportunity to extend the completion of their thesis for 1 semester, with the consideration and approval of the Supervisors and Study Program.
  3. Final work report can be material and field case studies relevant to the specialization. One of the final purposes, among others, is able to perform the integration of the knowledge that has been gained from the program to see the practice, either at the corporate level, business unit, or functional one.
  4. Thesis preparation procedures, either with a survey approach, field practice, or case studies are basically similar, but each has a typical characteristics for purpose of the thesis, as follows:
    1. Having conducted initial research, students are required to submit Research Proposal Thesis with the approach method according to each interest then proposing academic advisor to the Secretary.
    2. Supervising team consists of 2 personnels, namely: main supervisor and assistant supervisor. Students can propose the supervisor team to the Study Program.
    3. Team examiners/reviewers consist of 2 personnels. Team Supervisor may submit Examiner team to the study program.
    4. Students must conduct examination of Research Proposal Session .
    5. The thesis manuscript which has been completed and approved by the Supervisor, at least 4 weeks or 1 month before the exam session, must be delivered and discussed to the reviewers appointed by the Academic Secretary to be commented on Form “Process of Findings” for the preparation of the technical improvement and thesis substance with a survey approach. Thesis manuscript that has been refined in the discussion between the reviewers and students, then submitted to the Supervisor to be definitively clarified and approved by the Supervisor. The text was submitted to the Academic Secretariat no later than 2 weeks before the planned examination.
    6. Students must conduct open colloquium. The colloquium at least must be attended by discussant and/or Supervisor and others, such as students etc.
    7. Thesis is examined by the Supervisor and the reviewers. Only field supervisor from the company does not examine the thesis.