• Study period for the Master Program is 4 semesters and can be completed as quickly as 3 semesters, and no later than 8 semesters, including academic leave during one semester.

TEMPORARY STUDY TERMINATION Students can terminate the study temporarily based on the following provisions.

  • Temporary termination of study is not more than 1 semesters consecutively or separately.
  • The period of temporary termination of the study is not counted in a maximum time limit of the program of study.
  • Detailed provisions regarding to the termination of the study can be looked in the General Guidelines for the Implementation of Education, University of Padjadjaran.
  • For the Master of Management Program, the temporary study termination should not be conducted in the first semester enrolled as a student of Masters of Management program and the termination period does not add the maximum time of study limit.

Procedures of proposing temporary study termination (for the Master of Management program):

  1. Student submit a written request to the chairperson of the Master of Management program with his signature on the letter, it is not later than 2 (two) weeks prior to the current academic activities.
  2. The chairperson of MM Program forwards the request to the Rector.

If the temporary study termination conducted without Rector permission, the following sanctions are subjected:

  1. Discontinued the study for more than one (1) consecutive or separated semesters without permission of Rector, the study termination is sanctioned.
  2. To re-enroll of the study, student must apply to the Rector through the Chairperson of the Program, and the request can be accepted or rejected.
  3. The termination of the study period is considered in the maximum study time limit.