Research Proposal Session

  1. Research Proposal is a student work plan for the preparation of the thesis.
  2. Research Proposal Session is conducted in semester III and not later than the semester V. If the session is not conducted, the student can be dropped out by the University.
  3. Thesis is a scientific work conducted by Master of Management student, it is based on the results of research by using scientific methods and existing rules.
  4. Thesis should have practical benefits and value of scientific contribution.
  5. Thesis exams can be conducted if the student has met the following requirements:
    • a. GPA for all courses of at least 3.00.
    • b. Draft of the thesis has been approved by the Supervisors and reviewers.
    • c. Has a minimum TOEFL score of 500.
    • d. Has implemented the colloquium.
    • e. Has a certificate of basic competence and/or professional training program organized by Master of Management Universitas Padjadjaran and/or Point Reward certificate of competency by 150 points.

Point Reward Table

No Competences Organizer Point Reward
1 Training of Statistics and Econometrics Analysis MM-FEB 50
2 Outbound Management MM-FEB 25
3 Business Communication Skill MM-FEB 20
4 Speaker/Participant at National Seminar Public/Private Univ. 30/15
5 Speaker/Participant at International Seminar Public/Private Univ. 50/25
6 Speaker/Participant at Studium Generale MM-FEB 25/10
7 Speaker/Participant at Colloqium MM-FEB 25/10
8 Speaker/Participant at National Conference Public/Private Univ. 30/15
9 Speaker/Participant at International Conference Public/Private Univ. 50/25
10 TOEFL (minimum score 500) Institutional 20
11 IELTS   (minimal score 6.00) Institutional 20
12 Training of Business and Management Tools MM-FEB 25
13 AMT (Achievement Motivation Training) MM-FEB 20
14 Presenter/Participant at Master Journey Public/Private Univ. 40/25
15 National/International Scientific Article Publication Accredited Journal 40/75
16 Business Competition Public/Private Univ. 30
17 Leaderships Training MM-FEB 25
18 Small and Medium Business Assistance Training MM-FEB 25
19 Community Service MM-FEB 20
20 Professional Training on Business and Management Accredited Profession Institute 30