The international publication of lecturers of the MM FEB Unpad Program (previously published in conference proceedings and international journals) systematically uploaded on Google Schoolar:

No. Lecturers Google Scholar (Citation)
1.       Prof. Dr.  Ernie Tisnawati Sule, SE.M.Si
2.       Prof. Dr. H. Yuyus Suryana Sudarma, SE,MS
3.       Prof. Dr. Ina Primiana Syinar, SE.MT
4.       Dr. Yevis Marty Oesman, SE., MS.
5.       Dr.  Hilmiana, SE.,MBA
6.       Dr. Imas Soemaryani, SE., MS.
7.       Dr. Sutisna, SE., M.Si.
8.       Popy Rufaidah, SE, MBA, Ph.D
9.       Dr.  Umi Kaltum, SE.MS
10.    Dr. H. Sulaeman Rahman Nidar, SE.MBA
11.    Yunizar, SE., M.Sc.Ad., Ph.D.
12.    Dr. Arief Helmi, SE., MS.
13.    Dr. Rachmat Sudarsono, SE., MS.
14.    Dr. H. Asep Mulyana, SE.MCE
15.    Dr.rer.nat. Martha Fani Cahyandito, SE, MSc
16.    Dr. Erie Febrian
17.    Yudi Azis, Ph.D.
18.    Aldrin Herwany, SE., MM.,Ph.D
19.    Diana Sari, SE., M, Ph.D.
20.    Dr. Rita Komaladewi, SP., MS.
21.    Mokhamad Anwar, SE., MSi, Ph.D
22.    Dian Masyita, SE.MT, Ph.D