Students Profile

The profile of the international students at MM FEB Unpad are as follows:

Name : Sikandar Hasib
Citizen : India
Year : 2016
Concentration : Marketing Management


In the age of globalisation, it is crucial to have a broad and refined international outlook. The Republic of Indonesia boasts an excellent cultural atmosphere, the biggest economy of South East Asia and one of the fastest growing economy in the world. From an Indian perspective, close civilisation and historic interconnections, a shared vision on various issues and ethnic and religious commonalities have played a key role in making the two countries complementary to each other.

In order to take forward step in regards to my interest in the domain of India-Indonesia economic and cultural relations, I have registered myself in Master of Management program of Faculty of Economics and Business in Padjadjaran University under KNB scholarship program of Indonesian government.

When I came to MM-UNPAD, I had a general idea of what I wanted to achieve during MM but quickly realized that the program offered so much more than I ever expected.

In response to its vision to become a leading International B-School, MM-UNPAD is offering an exclusive program named “International Joint Seminar & Company Visit” in collaboration with Rikkyo University of Japan. The unique curriculum, which blends business with cultural studies. This exclusive program differentiates MM-UNPAD among other MM programs being offered in top Indonesian universities.

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the “International Joint Seminar & Company Visit” program, I have participated in the study tour arranged by MM-UNPAD to an interesting tourist attraction, a traditional village named “Kampung Naga”, located on the roadway that connects Tasikmalaya. To gain the knowledge of small and medium enterprises in Indonesia, our next stop was “Agnia”, a medium-size family business which deals in women’s shoes, located in the city of Tasikmalaya.

It was an amazing opportunity to undertake original field study activities in one of Indonesia’s most dynamic city situated in the West Jawa province. The province, which is blessed by tourist hotspots and country’s renowned culturally rich “Sundanese Culture”, where politeness, hospitality, and family values are the cores of the society.

Another unique feature of the MM-UNPAD curriculum is to imply Strategic Management as a compulsory subject for all concentration. The future managers of the institution are not only prepared for short-term goals but also for long term goals.

I have chosen Marketing Management as my concentration; I am, at present also attending classes of Strategic Management. While keeping both aspects in mind, the assignment being made from the approach of Strategic Marketing.

Strategic marketing planning is very necessary to achieve the goals and objectives. The stakeholders must start to think about what can be done well and what must be protected, so that in facing this competitive competition, it requires reinterpretation of the implemented policy strategy.

This study aimed to describe and analyze tourism-marketing strategy to increase international tourist visit to “Kampong Naga” and Business Analysis of “Agnia”. Apart from that, the culture that makes me attracted to Kampung Naga is the existence of arts and cultures similar of mine in my homeland such as the ways of everyday lives, the manner of creating and making art crafts. This is one of the reasons why I chose to study here in Indonesia because as far as I know Madagascar and Indonesia have many similar things in customs and cultures.

Name : Hadi mollamohammadrafie
Citizen : Iran
Year : 2016
Concentration : Human Resource Management

I would like to express my gratitude for the Company and Cultural Visit organized by MM Unpad. It was both enjoyable and informative. The companies visit as well as cultural visit program has given an important discovery about Sundanese Culture for my self; it has also increased my understanding about the knowledge about SME’s businesses   opportunity in Indonesia. The company visit facilitated by MM Unpad on April 16-17, 2017 was prepared as part of the implementation of the course, namely, International Seminar and Company Visit.

The program has given to me, particularly; it provides direct contact with more practical reality. Other benefits gains are: (1) Gained knowledge regarding the local culture and how it relates with science that we learned. (2) Exposed students with real life to support the selection of specialization to be studied further. (3) Provided more information about small medium business and family business in Tasikmalaya and the different developments in enhancing the business. (4) Learnt how to understand people’s cultures, adaptive engagement with others, and build strong and diverse communication ability.

Name : Miarintsoa Dina Randrianarivony
Citizen : Madagaskar
Year : 2017
Concentration :

In a bid to boost the learning and practical implication for foreign students about successful family businesses and small scale enterprises in Indonesia, facilitated by the MM FEB Unpad, organized a study tour as a part of a subject of the “International Seminar and Company Visit” to visit to the two selected family businesses in Tasik Malaya, Jawa Barat on April 16-17, 2017.  The two-day trips in Tasik Malaya were an informative, interesting and memorable study tour.

It was great to know about the Sundanese culture such as amazing traditional village called Kampung Naga. As international students of MM FEB Unpad, we learned about Small Medium Enterprise (SME) and family business. It is rightly said that “see and know” is better than “read and learn”, we have got real feeling of company’s working after this study tour. We got the chance to transfer our theoretical knowledge to practical implication. This will help us to broaden our scope and perspectives, and understand subject matter clearly in future.

The study tour led by Popy Rufaidah, Ph.D; Dr. R. Rina Novianti Ariawaty was well organized and facilitated. The knowledge and experiences acquired throughout the period of the event are very relevant to the subject matter. Agnia Home Industry and Alkea Chicken Farm were very welcoming and hospitable to the entourage and above all the friendly interaction among the participants, the staff and the community was very amazing that enable us to achieve the set objectives.

I’m very indebted to MM-UNPAD for organizing such an important and interesting opportunity to discover Indonesian small business practical implication, a tool necessary to change our mindset about the real business world. This has given me a greater insight about the amazing Sundanese culture and traditions in general.

Name : Maryna Kyrylchuk
Citizen : Ukraine
Year : 2017
Concentration :


Thank you MM Unpad for giving me the opportunity to get information about Indonesian small business practice in West Java and learn more about amazing Sundanese culture and traditions. The companies visit and cultural visit  program was well arranged. The contents were relevant and detailed. There were opportunities for formal and informal discussions during the program.

During two days study tour we have learnt about tourism attraction in West Java Kampung Naga, estimate its tourist potential among local and international students, culture and traditions of village, and we have decided what recommendations we would propose for improving tourism attractions for travelers.

Company visit tour was held on the second day of our study tour during which we have learnt about small family business in Indonesia on the examples of shoes production and poultry farming.

To learn more about successful family business in Indonesia for foreign students was organized a study tour as a part of a subject “International Joint Seminar and Company Visit” for selected two family businesses in Tasikmalaya, Jawa Barat. The study tour was arranged and facilitated by Magister Management program of Unpad on April 16-17, 2017.

Prior to the educational trip, participants had expectation such as: To learn more about the Sundanese culture, traditional food and traditions of West java; To know more about the tourists destinations in Tasikmalaya, know how local community participate in the ecotourism and what attracts their visitors, and how to avoid the negative impact of tourism; Find out how the family business starts and what the capacity is. Learn from companies’ experience of diversifying, promoting and growing a family business.


Name : Malavanh Somsaveng
Citizen : Laos
Year : 2013
Concentration : Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management


My name is Malavanh Somsaveng, I’m KNB scholarship student from Laos. I came to bandung, Indonesia since 2013 for taking my master degree in MM, Unpad and I’m so thankful that MM, Unpad accepted me and give me a great chance to be MM student. From the first time that I started my first class (Regular class), it was roaming for me because my class was started two weeks before I came. But it can’t stop me and make me felt down, in my mind only came up with “it just beginning”. However, I’m so lucky that I have a great classmate and professors that always help and gave me advised. They pushed me a lot to walk together with my classmate 48 morning session.

In September 2013, I was attended international seminar program was run by MM, Unpad. First of all I would like to thankful to Ibu Poppy Rufaidah, SE.,MBA.,Ph.D., for her kindly, MM UNPAD and also Rikkyo University for the great chance to joined “International Joint Seminar & Company Visit”. For me, this is the first time to join international seminar in Japan. Even, to visit Japan on this program only a few days. However, I had learn a lot of things and gain more experience such as Japanese life style, culture, student lifestyle and especially I got a chance to visited Toshiba Company. It’s not only about those are I have mention, to join this program made me and my classmate more closely than before.

Lastly, I’m so thankful for all professors, staff and my classmate 48 morning. I’m so glad to be MM Unpad student. For me, MM is not only academic to come for study and get degree but it is more than campus and I feel like my second home that I came to learn, life and live in MM, Unpad Bandung, Indonesia.


I really appreciated,



Name : Mouna Boughalmi
Citizen : Tunisia
Year : 2013
Concentration : Operation Management


My name is Mouna, I came from Tunisia in 2013 aiming to take my masters in MM Unpad, and I’m glad to say it wasn’t a decision I’d regret.  From when I started my 1st classes I was impressed by the colloquium MM follows, and it didn’t stop there as I have witnessed improvements happening along the road, rewarded by getting the ABEST accreditation.

The environment and the interactive group work that is surrounding us is another thing to be impressed of, and the facilities provided which could only motivate us to accomplish our tasks in best conditions.

Another thing I shouldn’t forget is the exclusive class. I was quite amazed to see such classes existed and organized in accordance with the faculty programs. To see employees can also have an equal opportunity to continue their studies as anyone else is definitely heartwarming. But most of all, I’d say the real asset of MM UNPAD is its staff and lecturers who are putting their all for the sake of the students.

I’m so happy with my experience here thanks to the head of study program Dr. Popy Rufaidah, for giving us international students her prior attention all the time. And to every friendly lecturer who understood our needs and problems and were willing to share their knowledge with us fully.

I wish more continuous prosperity for MM, FEB, And UNPAD in general.

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