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Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) was established based on the initiative of prominent society members of West Java who were eager to have a higher institution in which young generation of West Java could be prepared to serve as future leaders. After thoughtful processes, on the 11th of September 1957, Unpad was legally established with Government Regulation Number 37/1957 and officially opened by the President Soekarno on 24th September 1957. At the time of its establishment, Unpad had only four faculties, but now it has developed to be one of the leading higher educational institutions in Indonesia with 16 faculties and Postgraduate Programs. The programs offered are Doctoral Programs consisting of 9 study programs, Master Programs consisting of 19 study programs, 2 Specialist Programs, 5 Professional Programs, and Undergraduate Programs consisting of 44 study programs, 32 study programs of Diploma (D III) and one Diploma IV study program. In addition, Unpad also has the Research and Community Service Institute to facilitate research and community service activities.

Economics Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran was established by Government Regulation Number 37 on 18th September 1957 pursuant the establishment of Universitas Padjadjaran. This regulation came into force on 11th September 1957. Economics Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran was derived from Merdeka University under Merdeka University Foundation, founded in 1952, which, in its development, became Universitas Padjadjaran in 1957 with Prof. Mr. R. Iwa Kusumasumantri as a chairman and Mr. Achmad Sanusi as a secretary. Economics Faculty had two departments, General Economic Department and Business Economic Department with 486 students, consisting of 400 new students and 86 Merdeka University students. The faculty members with 40 numbers of staff were part-time (non-permanent) lecturers, because at the beginning of its establishment, Universitas Padjadjaran did not have permanent lecturers.

Inter-State University Conference in Bandung in January 6th-10th, 1958 had a direct impact to the Economics Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran, by specifying the study period of completing doctoral exam in 5 years. Based on Universitas Padjadjaran Senate Decree Number 3/Kep/Universitas Padjadjaran/68, in January 18th 1968, Economics Faculty accepted the transfer of Business Administration Department and Accounting Department from Social and Political Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran. Therefore from 1968 to 1979 academic year, Economic Faculty had three departments i.e. General Economics Department, Business Economic Department and Accounting Department. Matriculation class system was dispensed from 1975. In 1976, Economics Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran began to implement the semester system at all levels, up to II Bachelor Degree. Starting the second semester in 1979, parallel class was started. In order to assist the government for high-level skilled labor education, Economics Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran formed Diploma 3 Program. Diploma 3 Program of Economics Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran was one of work unit within Economics Faculty of Universitas Padjadjaran generating human resources with vocational skills in the application of economics. It was founded in 1975 and confirmed by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia Republic Decree No. 042/U/1975 in March 18th 1975. In order to get more spaces and bigger opportunity in developing, out of the existing development, since August 26th 2011, Economics Faculty (FE) Unpad has changed its name to the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) legalized by the Decision of the Rector of Universitas Padjadjaran Number 196/UN6.RKT/HK/2011. The change is in line with the Strategic Plan of FEB Unpad for the year 2007 to 2011.

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