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Message from the Head of Study Program, Master of Management, Unpad 

The year of 2017 is recognized as the 25th anniversary of MM Unpad. It is a distinct honor for MM Unpad to serve our stakeholders for nearly 25 years. This dedication has nominated MM Unpad several times as one of the best MM programs in Indonesia.

As part of the members of AACSB, ABEST21, APMMI, and AAPBS; MM FEB Unpad is the only MM Program that has unique core course, namely, International Seminar and Company Visit. This core course is implemented overseas at our partner university, i.e. Rikkyo University. Entering the year of 2017, we will have the 6th International Seminar and Company Visit at Rikkyo University, in Tokyo Japan.

We are very honor also for the achievement of MM Unpad to be accredited by the International Accreditation Body from ABEST21 (The Alliance of Business Education for Scholarship Tomorrow in the 21st Century) in March 2014. The achievement of MM FEB Unpad as the reflection of the commitment for creating excellence in teaching, research and public services.

MM Unpad has collaborated with many international institutions from many countries, particularly for Dual Degree Program with Rikkyo Universoty, Japan (with Master of Public Administration Management /MPMA Program; ESC Troyes – Champagne School of Management and Youngsan University; and exchange program with various universities.

MM Unpad also is very proud to many achievements done by its alumni. They have positioned themselves in their highest career, not only as managers but also as entrepreneurs. Some of our alumni has been positioned in their highest position i.e. in the largest bank in Indonesia, in largest pharmaceutical company in Indonesia, etc. Some of our alumni also has become great entrepreneurs. Our alumni’s are not the only ones who have been supporting MM Unpad, students are also a great contributor to the reputation of MM Unpad.

Since 2013, final semester students have contributed as authors to the journals published by MM Unpad, namely, the Journal of Management and Collaboration (JMC). The papers for publication are resulted from the review and revision process of the thesis done by students and their thesis supervisors. In the near future, the selection of papers resulted from the double-blind review and revision process will also be included for publication. The article for publication is set to fullfill the standards for publication.

MM Unpad has also been holding the Colloqium Serials Seminars, where the event is provided for students of MM Unpad to present the results of their research. The Colloqium Serials Seminar has been attracting various students from various level of education degree i.e. undergraduate, master level and doctoral level.

MM Unpad is also known for its uniquesness in the study process, it has used an approach called “Collaborative Based Learning” (CBL). CBL focused on the collaboration between the faculty, students, practitioners, and stakeholders in co-creation value of education.

The CBL approach is applied at various subjects at our concentration, such as Strategic Management, International Business Marketing Management, Management of Customer Value Creation, etc. These subjects have been implementing the Collaborative Learning on Company-based Issues for many years.

This collaborative learning focuses on how to identify, analyze, and recommend alternative solutions by understanding real business problems of the company. This process is conducted in selected companies. The learning is conducted through discussion among students in understanding concept, issues, and application facilitated by the lecturer and the guest lecture from companies.

The odd semester of 2013, MM Unpad through Strategic Management class has selected nearly 30 companies and produced 30 book of case development. This method is continued and sustained as part of the sustainable distinctive advantage of MM Unpad.

The other strong identity of MM Unpad also is created from the application of the Collaborative Learning on Curriculum Development. Through this approach MM Unpad offers  nine concentrations, namely, Marketing Management, Finance Management, Operations Management, HRM, Risk Management, Asset & Valuation Management, Hospital Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Management, and Higher Education Management. Each concentration is governed by Professors in their respective areas.

Each concentration has developed strong cooperation amongst industry as well as professional association i.e. MAPPI and APINDO particularly for curriculum and research development, case study building, project assignment, guest lecture, and etc.

Last but not least, MM Unpad looking forward to having a great collaboration with various stakeholders in pursuing centre of excellence in teaching, research and public services to enhance our Collaborative Based Learning.


Thank you.

Mokhamad Anwar, SE., MSi, Ph.D.

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